Do I have to continue this blog post? Everything I want to say is already in the title.

I am busy, tired and stressed...

with SCHOOL! :(

I've been spending late nights to study for three weeks already. I go to school very sleepy and I come home very tired. But the real reason for my stress is not the lack of rest and sleep, but because the hard work seems not to pay off. :|

I'm already halfway to finishing my degree, yet I feel like the end is so far and it's very hard to reach. Sometimes I'm wondering if I can make it, but I never lose hope.

I know I can do this. God, help me.

I love my school and my program. I'll make them proud.

Do this when you are BORED:

Go to Google, type in: "Google Gravity" and click "I'm feeling lucky."

Observe what will happen next..

I also discovered other fun games at chrome experiments. Try it! :)

Study. Study. Study

Math Humor

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As an Engineering student, I have a very soft spot on Math humor. Just recently I was studying for my Differential Equations quiz when I saw this on my book:

"Eliminate* the arbitrary constants c1 and c2 from the relation..
... blah blah blah...

*By differentiations and pertinent legitimate mathematical procedures. Elimination by erasure, for instance, is not permitted."
(from page 6 of Elementary Differential Equations 7th ed. by Rainville and Bedient --of course the 'blah blah' was not there.)

Okay. It may seem corny for some, but I honestly can't stop laughing when I read this because I remembered the time I was teaching my friend Calculus during summer.

[insert flashback moment here]
Noelle: Ang hirap! Hindi ko ma-eliminate yung x!

ME: (handing the eraser) O eto, matatanggal na yung x! :)

---TENEN! Eraser method was born! :)))))

Here are some pictures from the net that I find really amusing: