On my last post I talked about 'Online Shopping' and how I tried it for the first time. I was having thoughts that I might be scammed for my package took so long to arrive. But last Wednesday (my birthday), the item that I ordered on eBay finally arrived. Here it is!

Yeah, it's a new Jansport bag. I've been saving for this for a long time but I was always tempted to spend my savings so I decided to use my Paypal money that I got from PTC sites.

This just proves that one can really earn from the internet. Besides this bag I also bought a new cellphone last June. It's a Nokia 5800 Xpress music. I didn't pay for it on my own. Only about 40% of it came from what I earned through PTC and blogging. Mom paid for the rest. haha. :)

Have you ever tried online shopping?

From cellphones, clothes, shoes and food..almost anything can now be bought online. Because of online shops like eBay, Sulit.ph and Multiply, people can now buy anything they want in just a click, instead of driving to the stores. As for me, I still prefer the usual shopping. I like it when I can actually see and touch the things I want to buy. But sometimes I browse online shops to 'canvas'. I get some ideas on designs and the prices that I should expect.

We Need Your Help!

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Hi guys, can I ask you a favor? My friend Jep joined Powerbook's latest contest, the Mockingjay book cover design making contest!

So if it's okay with you, kindly visit and like Powerbooks Facebook page and 'LIKE' his entry.

I would not take time to 'campaign' his entry if it's not good, but it's actually the best among all entries, seriously. And besides he'll treat me if he wins. :))

Here's his entry:

Click the image to LIKE.
It's worth the LIKE, right? Now click that button and tell this to your friends too. Visit Jep's blog too. :)

Prelims week is officially over. All I can say is.. That was one helluva week! After those days of sleeping so late and waking up early to study, I'm happy that the first ever major exam for my majoring years is done.

But wait, there's more... I'm just halfway of my program.. I still have 5 more semesters to go. Naiinip na talaga ako.

Oh yeah, I'll make kwento about the exams nga pala..(Feel ko mag-taglish ngayon. haha) Hmm.. overall, the exams were okay. Not that easy and not really too difficult to answer. Electronics, Vector Analysis and Electrical Engineering were the subjects that I am in the brink of failing. But thank God the exams went well (I guess?).

"Inception is a very complicated movie, but it's still easier to understand compared to Electronics."

--This is my current FB status. After not attending my Electronics class to watch Inception, I realized that the movie was really worth cutting for! :))

Watching the movie was not really part of the plan. Yesterday, we had a few hours of break after taking the practical test on EE, but we still have to go back for our 2-3 pm Electronics class. Flutz and I decided to stay with our CE friends during the break but they were planning to watch The Last Airbender since they were already dismissed. I was convincing them to wait for us until 3pm but I was the one to be convinced on cutting my class and go with them. Oh, I have such good-influencing friends. :)) In the end, we decided to watch Inception because The Last Airbender is in 3d and we're not willing to spend that much during that time. 

It was really surprising for me not to be guilty after cutting my class. That is not so me! hahaha. The reason for that is because I really want to relax and have fun before the preliminary exams this week. And besides the last movie I watched was Iron Man 2. I'm such a loser. hahaha.

FINALLY! I'm officially launching my new blog. It's called..

I will not discuss the details about the blog because I'm too lazy. Just visit it and read the 'About' page. haha.

And please do me a favor, click the Facebook 'LIKE' and the Retweet button on the posts! And follow me too! :)

Cory Magic

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Today is the first death anniversary of the woman who tied a yellow ribbon to the Philippines to make us one, former President Corazon Aquino.

She may be gone, but her presence is always alive in every Filipino's heart. I admire her for her strength, her faith and her undying love to our country.

The history and legacy she made will be passed to the next generations. May the people protect the democracy she fought for and may God bless the Philippines.