Christmas Wish List part 2

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Hello! I'm back! It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I was too lazy to post a new entry or even check my blog because of the start of classes. I'm in the afternoon class now and I also have an evening class. It really caused a major shift on my lifestyle and my mood as well.

I decided to continue my wish list because it's just a month away before Christmas and I still have no funds to buy a present for myself. I hope this would reach the North Pole. ;p

I love music, just like everyone. I play some instruments, but I'm not good at all. Both of my parents are music majors, so it's a shame if I can't even play do-re-mi. I listen to my favorite music through my computer, my cellphone or my iPod shuffle. My purple iPod shuffle was given to me as a graduation gift. Now I want a new gift, the new iPod Nano with video!

purple ipod nano with video

L4D 2

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Good news to all zombie killers out there!
Left 4 dead 2 will be out in the market on November 17. :)

Hardwork Pays Off

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At last! After 3 days of server maintenance, I already accessed my grades on the UST website.

My friends and I were really aiming for high marks this semester so we can be on the Dean's list. We had a great start, we even got perfect scores on some quizzes. But our final exams were more difficult than expected. Somehow we felt giving up on our 'DL dreams' but we gave it our best shot and we knew that God will do the rest.

After the very long and exhausting semester, all I can say is that those sleepless nights are worth it.