Lee DeWyze is the new Idol!

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Lee DeWyze is the winner of American Idol!

I am sooo happy! He really deserves it. He has the looks and the talent.

I like Mama Sox too. She has an awesome voice.
But I'm a beLEEver from the start.

I saw this picture on the internet and I find it really amusing so I want to share it.

Oh yeah, that's Dora the Explorer on a mugshot. Weird, eh?

But according to some articles, pictures like this depict irony or protest to the new controversial Arizona's Immigration Law. They're being used by those who oppose or support the law.

There's also a Facebook page called "Dora the Explorer is soo an Illegal Immigrant."

Give Noy a Chance

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Almost 90% of Election returns have been canvassed as of now. Though it's not yet complete, we can all say that we already have a new President-- Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.

Honestly, I was disappointed with the results. My bets didn't win. Most of the losing candidates have already conceded and accepted their defeat. So it's also time for us to move on, and stop being bitter.

I am never a fan of Noynoy. In fact I feel like he's a bit incompetent for the job. But I got so irritated with those die-hard fans of other candidates who keep on protesting Noynoy's victory. He is not yet proclaimed as President but some are already opposing on his administration.

Take a look at what I've found on Facebook:

C'mon guys, give the guy a chance! I know he has not yet proven anything in Congress and Senate, but who knows, he might be the one to start the change.

Ugly comments have been flooding this page like "bobo", "abnoy" and "walang nagawa". But let me ask you, have you done something good for the country?

Stop complaining. If you don't like the administration, then do not rely on the government. Do something to change the country, even in your own little ways. Your future does not depend on the government, it depends on your choices.

Eleksyon na bukas.. Handa ka na ba?

Mahalaga ang gagampanan ng bawat Juan dela Cruz sa halalan. Hindi ito simpleng student council election nung high school, kung saan iboboto ang may pinakamaraming nabigay na flyers. Ang halalan na magaganap bukas ay ang magtatakda ng ating mga pinuno at ang kinabukasan ng bayan. Mahalaga na handa ang lahat sa darating na halalan upang walang mangyaring aberya. Kaya narito ang mga dapat natin tandaan:

1. Siguraduhing ikaw ay rehistradong botante. Kung hindi, huwag ka nang umasa na makakaboto ka bukas. Kahit magmakaawa ka sa Comelec ay hindi ka pabobotohin.

2. Mas mabuti kung pupunta nang maaga sa precinct na nakatalaga sayo upang maiwasan ang dami ng tao. Kung hindi mo pa alam kung saan ang precinct number at lugar kung saan ka boboto, punta ka dito--Comelec Precinct Finder.

3. Pwedeng magdala ng kodigo, ngunit bawal mangopya sa katabi. Mas mapapabilis kung may listahan ka na ng iboboto mo, bawal kasi magtagal ng 15 minuto sa pagboto. Huwag kang kokopya sa iyong katabi, baka mapagalitan ka ng guro.

4. Dahil automated na ang eleksyon, hindi mo na kailangan isulat ang pangalan ng mga kandidato. Markahan mo lang ang bilog na hugis itlog na katabi ng pangalan ng iboboto mo. Kung gusto mo ng malinaw na proseso ng pagboto, punta ka dito--How to accomplish the ballot.

5. Tandaan: huwag tiklupin, punitin, dumihan o maglagay ng unnecessary marks sa iyong balota. Hindi ito tatanggapin ng PCOS Machine.

6. Kung meron kang tanong o kung sakaling nagka problema, huwag mag-dalawang isip na lumapit sa mga guro, BEI o Board of Election Inspectors, at Comelec officials na nakatalaga sa iyong presinto.

Nawa'y nakatulong ang mga paalalang ito upang maging mas madali ang iyong pagboto. Ang pagbabago ay magsisimula sa ating pagboto!

Maging matalinong botante. Huwag magpadala sa sabi sabi ng ibang tao. Iboto kung sino ang talagang napupusuan mo. Manalo o matalo man ang kandidato mo, ang mahalaga ay binoto mo kung sino ang gusto mo.

Wooo! I finally got the chance to share my adventure in Thailand. I've been a bit busy with some stuff lately.

It's my fifth time in Thailand but it's my first time to travel alone. Not alone in the plane, of course. My last visit was 4 years ago. I have a few relatives there so we always have a place to stay when we go there. Thailand is a beautiful country. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a very developed city. The Thais look exactly the same as Filipinos. In fact it's normal for me to be mistaken as a Thai.

Okay. I'll start with the super exciting elephant ride.

Kanchanaburi, Thailand-- 3 hour-ride from Bangkok. We left the house very early because we have a long day to go...

Elephants are famous in Thailand. If you want to ride an elephant, Kanchanaburi is the best place to be. The ride costs about 300 pesos and it's worth it because the ride is very exciting.

Also in Kanchanaburi is the Tiger Temple. It's a temple with tigers, obviously. :))

There's a list circulating about the 50 most googled women. I've checked it out and I was like, "Why the hell is Bieber here!?!"

The list 50 Most Popular Women on the Web is based from Google search results. But whoever made this list is not yet certain. Anyway, it looks like everyone wanted to know who's in and who's not, so I'mma tell you one time and give you the top 10: (lazy to give the complete 50)

#10- Avril Lavigne
#9- Paris Hilton
#8- Miley Cyrus
#7- Justin Bieber (Epic fail!)
#6- Britney Spears
#5- Rihanna
#4- Beyonce
#3- Madonna
#2- Ke$ha
#1- Lady GaGa