Have you ever heard of the website SFOGS.com? I think it stands for Singapore's First Online Ghost Stories. The website became popular years ago and I don't know if it's still active. I don't want to visit it again because I'm kinda... scared. :|

It's Halloween and ghost stories are just around the corners of the blogosphere. I haven't seen a ghost or any supernatural beings yet, so I will just share my experience about SFOGS--the site that scared the hell out of me.

During the times when DSL connection is not yet present on households, my friends and I spend our free time on our favorite playground: computer shops. We play Star Craft, Counter Strike and update our Friendster accounts. When we don't have enough cash for computer rentals, we share on one PC. And what do we do? We visit SFOGS.

I hate it when my computer's acting crazy during times I needed it the most. It's just like the feeling you get when you can't find something you badly need but it pops out in front of you when you're not looking for it.

Two days before the final exams, I turned on my laptop to print our lectures. Something like this prompted in to my screen: "Your computer did not shutdown properly.." and I was given options like "Start Windows in Safe mode, Start Windows normally" and other two options that I forgot. I tried the second one but after a few seconds it returned to that same prompt. So I tried other options, but it gets back again and again and again.

I was really eager to revive my laptop because I badly need to study our online lectures. So I called my computer technician, hoping he could fix it as soon as possible. Then I found out that there was a problem on my hard disk, a condition called bad sector.

So what is a bad sector?

October 16, 2010. Last day of Final exams. Grash's birthday celebration.

After one restless week of rigorous review, we decided to relax and have fun. Although Grash's birthday is October 9, she moved the celebration a week after to give way to the final exams.

First stop: Balsa.

Grash's aunt is one of the owners of this floating restaurant so we usually celebrate her birthday here. We were talking and laughing endlessly, due to the fact that we have not seen each other for a long time.

Beat Cancer

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My aunt died of lung cancer.
My mom survived breast and skin cancer.

Paypal is donating $0.50 on every tweet that reads #BeatCancer. Join this advocacy and help set a new Guinness World Record by sending a tweet, updating your Facebook status, or writing a blog post with the phrase #BeatCancer included.

Millions of people around the world battle cancer everyday. Let's do this for them.

For more information visit http://www.beatcancereverywhere.com/

Pinost ito ng classmate ko sa Facebook. Naisip kong ishare sa inyo kasi inspiring. :)

This speech was delivered by a La Sallian engineer in one of the graduation ceremonies at the UP College of Engineering.

Ngayong araw na ito, sa ating pagtatapos, mayroon akong dalang Transcript of Record. Ang estudyanteng may-ari ng transcript na ito ay nag-aral sa De La Salle University. Sa unibersidad na ito, kapag ikaw ay isang undergraduate, may ID number ka na nagsisimula sa “94” at pataas, kung lumipas ang isang buong school year at umabot ka sa 15 units na bagsak, masisipa ka sa paaralan.

Ang transcript na hawak ko ay mayroong 27 units ng bagsak. 12 sa mga ito ay tinamo ng estudyante sa iisang schoolyear lang. Ang isang subject ay kadalasang may bigat na 3 units. Kung iisiping mabuti, isang subject na bagsak na lang ay pwede na masipa ang estudyanteng may-ari ng transcript na ito. 

Ang speech na ito ay hindi ko ginawa para i-acknowledge ang paghihirap ng ating mga magulang sa pagpapaaral satin. Hindi ko din ito ginawa para maghayag ng political statement, o kumbinsihin kayo na huwag umalis sa bansa at tulungan itong makaahon. Ang speech na ito ay para sa mga normal na estudyante na kagaya ng may may-ari ng transcript na hawak ko, dahil madalas, wala talagang pakialam ang unibersidad sa mga achievements nila. May mga awards na gaya ng “Summa Cum Laude”, “Best Thesis Award” at “Leadership Award.” Pero ni minsan, hindi pa ako nakakakita ng unibersidad na nagbigay ng “Hang-on and managed to graduate despite nearly getting kicked-out during his academic stay” award. 


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It's been a long time since I visited my blogs. I had a super busy and hectic week AGAIN. I'm actually getting used to hell weeks hell sem already. I guess that's normal for a majoring student like me. However, it's Friday!! So TGIF! :)

I really had a very fun day. After an 'examful' week (we called it semi-finals because next week is our finals week), today we were given a chance to relax and enjoy even just for a short time. :D

Our class adviser celebrated his birthday two weeks ago. We prepared a surprise for him but sadly he was absent because he had dengue. Now that he's recuperated, he treated us for merienda! After class we went straight to a vacant room and he arrived with 3 big boxes of Tokyo Tokyo Bento! The class ate together, we shared stories and laugh at each other. It was fun. Thank you Sir! Sa uulitin. :))