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For the past few days, I've been following this brilliantly-designed site. It's called Facebuko. Obviously, it's a Facebook-inspired website, or should I say, a Facebook spoof. Unlike Facebook, Facebuko is not a social networking site but a blog. It presents phenomenal topics like show business, social and political issues shown in a creative and humorous way.

Here are some of my favorite wall posts from Facebuko: (click picture to enlarge)

Facebook facebuko
Facebook facebuko

The Day After Tomorrow

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Typhoon flood Philippines
Typhoon flood Philippines
Typhoon flood PhilippinesThese are some of the pictures showing what "Ondoy" did to Metro Manila. (photos taken from gmanews.tv and inquirer.net)

Typhoon 'Ondoy'

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September 26, 2009, 10:00 am- Classes were suspended in UST due to "Unending Grace".

The University of Santo Tomas is known to be the oldest University in Asia. Founded 1611, it will celebrate its quadricentennial year on 2011. Besides its 400 years of excellence in different academic fields such as Medicine and Engineering, UST has been popular for being an instant swimming pool during rainy days. The nonstop heavy downpour of rain caused by the typhoon "Ondoy" made the whole Metro Manila submerge in flood.

I was about to get my uniform when I received a text message saying the classes are suspended. Though I live only a few blocks from UST, I decided not to take the risk of getting wet just to confirm if we really have classes or not. It was about 10 in the morning when classes were officially suspended. Flood was already surrounding UST that time yet some of my classmates were still inside.

My Hideaway

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Hi there. Just want to share with you my essay that I mentioned on my first post. :]]]

The Perfect Haven

In a life full of worries and stress, the perfect hideaway is a place where nature is very visible, a place far away from the busy city lights. I have always dreamt of a haven where I can relax and do whatever I want. Eventually, I have found the perfect place I've been looking for.

On an island where nobody is there, I can see the trees dancing and the butterflies are flying around me. The only thing I hear is the air and the smooth flow of the ocean near me. I can feel the warmth of the air embraced me as I sat down the grass, under that big old tree. I got my mom's Bible inside my bag. I opened it and found a verse that made me reflect and think things over. God reminded me not to worry, for He is always beside me. And I felt so relieved because I can feel God's embrace. Then I lay down and saw the clouds and the blue sky above me. The grass is tickling my whole body, tempting me to sleep. Suddenly, I felt light and so relaxed, a wonderful feeling that I'm longing these past few days.

Later, I opened my eyes and saw my bedroom's ceiling. I am back in the real world. I have dreamt of the perfect haven and how I wish I could go back there.


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Link Exchange?

Post my link to your site then inform me so I can post yours on my blogroll. Thanks!

Contact Me!

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Comments? Suggestions? Violent Reactions? 

Contact Me!

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First blog post :]]]

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Wow, my first ever 'serious' blog entry. Congratulate me. :))

I never imagined myself getting hooked into blogging. I was never a good writer, simply because I am not confident with my english skills and I lack artistry for writing. Oh, and by the way, I was a news writer in High School. News, not literary nor creative writing.

Okay, so much for the excuses. Actually I have a Multiply site, and I have a few blog posts, about five I think. Most of them are just for the sake of posting something on my blank page. To cut the long story short, I really have no interest for this! :c

But that was before. Now, I am convincing myself that I have a hidden talent. I realized that I have to enhance and practice my writing skills when my present English Professor gave me a 'star' (a perfect score) on my first descriptive essay. Cool, someone appreciated my work! :) She is also the inspiration behind my blog title. I got the idea when she told me, "It's your time to shine." So I would like to thank my prof. for that shining star she gave me. I hope she can read this and I hope she would give me a good final grade. hahaha ;p

So that's it for my first post. I hope you would find time to read my future entries. And please don't expect too much from a first-time blogger. I myself do not expect a lot from this hidden talent. :)

Thanks for reading! Goodnight and God bless.