"Sampung mga daliri, kamay at paa. Sumabog na, sumabog na. Siyam nalang pala."

-There's a big possibility that you'll be singing to this tune if you continue on using firecrackers. Hundreds of firecracker-related incidents have already been reported even before the New Year's eve. If you haven't heard of the negative effects of firecrackers, I'll enumerate it for you:

DOH's campaign, year 2008
Firecrackers cause injuries. 
I never watch the local news during New Year's eve because I don't want to see bloody faces and nearly-amputated hands. There are also victims of stray bullets and watusi ingestion. Firecrackers are extremely dangerous. Try typing "firecrackers injury" on images.google.com and see for yourself.

Firecrackers are dangerous to human and animal health.
Dangers exist because firecrackers contain toxic materials. The smoke coming from firecrackers are very dangerous to those who have respiratory ailments, such as pneumonia and asthma. Even healthy people could suffer those adverse effects when exposed to hazardous smoke brought by firecrackers.
It can also cause hearing damage not only to humans but also to animals. “To us humans the noise of firecrackers can be an inconvenience, but to animals – such as dogs and cats – with highly sensitive hearing, that same noise can be the equivalent of a cannon going off near them,” said Aileen Lucero of the EcoWaste Coalition. “Magnify that by the amount of firecrackers all going off at once on New Year’s Eve, and imagine the mega-torture that the day brings to them.”

EcoWaste Coalition's campaign against firecrackers
Firecrackers cause hazards to the environment.
Excess of toxic materials such as manganese, cadmium and lead can cause depletion to our ozone layer. Firecrackers also cause air pollution and emits greenhouse gases that is very harmful to our environment.

photo grabbed from Tumblr
December 17, 2010. UST Grounds. My third Paskuhan.

Paskuhan 2010 was good, but not better than last year. I was a bit disappointed with the delays and those corny, unnecessary but frequent interviews. I still had fun though, fireworks FTW.

It was quite boring, I'll admit. Comparing it to last year's celebration, this one's like a very ordinary occasion, nothing special. They invited only three celebrity guests, namely, Shalala, IC Mendoza and Sarah Geronimo. We were actually expecting a lot more because there were so many guests last year. The UST Yellow Jackets were also missing in action. A video performance of the UST Singers was also shown, but it would have been better if they performed live. Those interviews from the Main Bldg. were corny and unnecessary, really.

Dearest Santa, 
My mom lost her phone the other day. Please please send me the awesome Nokia C7 so I can give my phone to her. hehehe
Lovelots, Claum

Mom and I went to DFA last Tuesday to renew our passports and before we knew it, her phone was gone. It's either she dropped it or someone stole it. I feel really bad for her because important messages and contacts were there and I've also lost a cellphone before, so I know the feeling. :(

If Santa hears my call and sends me a Nokia C7, I would be the happiest person on earth. I can give my current phone to my mom because she badly needs one. Besides, she doesn't mind being the "secondhand user" to every cellphone that I owned in the past. I love you mom for that. :)

Why the Nokia C7? Simple. It suits me.

I'm a self-confessed Facebook and Twitter addict. With the Nokia C7, I can receive notifications, share my location and update my status directly on the home screen. What a convenient way to socialize!

I'm a blogger and a photographer-wannabe. I can't afford a Digital SLR camera, but thanks to that 8 megapixel camera, I can capture high-quality photos and videos and share all of 'em here in my blog.

I'm a gamer. The best gaming experience on a smartphone is viewed on a 3.5" high resolution full touch screen with amazing graphics and powerful sounds. Need I say more?

I'm insomniac. Well, not really.. I just can't sleep without reading a book or listening to my favorite songs. With the Nokia C7, I can read e-books and listen to music using the built-in music player and FM radio.

Oh Nokia C7, be mine. <3