The UST Main Building, Central Seminary, Arch of the Centuries and the UST Grounds have been declared National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum. This is the first time for an educational institution in the Philippines to be part of the list.

Being the oldest university in the country, UST has always been part of Philippine history. The Main Building, established 1927, was used by the Japanese army as an internment camp during the World War II. The Central Seminary was providing Ecclesiastical studies to priests since 1611. The Arch of the Centuries was the original entrance to the university when it was still in Intramuros. The UST grounds is where the traditional freshmen welcome walk, Paskuhan and other activities were held.

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Last December I joined Paypal's application in Facebook called "Paypal Wishlist". You just have to create your wishlist then invite friends to create their own too. You'll get $1 for joining and another $1 for every friend that joins. Very easy, right? So I got a few friends that joined and when the promo ends the money I collected was transferred to my Paypal account! Now I have a few bucks to spend and my wishlist can come to life thanks to Facebook and Paypal. :)

Blog nomination

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Many things transpired this week. One is that my blog was nominated by my classmate at Blogger's Choice Awards. I got two nominations, Best Blog About Stuff and Best Blog of All Time.

I am not expecting to win but I just want to get out of the shame for having only 5 votes. So guys, please take time to visit the links below:

Vote for me so I can have 6 votes, alright? Thanks! :))

Back to School

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The 2-week vacation is over and now everything's back to normal. I started the day by waking up late for my PE class. It was good to see my friends again. I had fun playing badminton, I even got a 1.0 grade on the practical test.
I was happy because it's my first time to have a grade of 1.0 for a PE class. :) I was preparing to leave the gym, then suddenly.. a bird pooped on my skort! It was so ironic that my friend Kevin was laughing at me, even if he had been also pooped by a bird on his face in front of our house. hahaha ;p I was just wondering why do birds have to poop on people. I mean, they can do it on their nests! haha. Anyway, my mom says it brings good luck so I didn't make a big deal out of it.