Jejemon Presidents

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Ganito ang mangyayari kapag pinagsama ang dalawang 'hot topics' ngayon:

Jejemons + 2010 Elections = picture above
(taken from Facebook)

Di ko na siguro kailangan pang ipaliwanag kung ano ang Jejemon. Masyado nang maraming explanations ang makikita niyo sa FB, mga blogs at pati sa balita.

Observation: Kawawa si Noynoy sa picture na yan. Siya lang kasi ang walang ka-heart. Hahaha. :))

Yun lang. Ktnxbye.

Ibaan, Batangas
April 5-6
Late post? IKR.

Swimming. Food. Chitchats. Laughter. Friends. FUN. What a good way to start summer. :)

Trivia: This is actually 1-4's second time to visit Batangas. The first is when Flutz had her 18th birthday in San Juan. This time we went to Ibaan, at Clarisse's hacienda. haha. :)

Our meeting place is in Cubao, where we did a little grocery-shopping while we wait for the van. The roadtrip lasted for almost three hours. We were tired and hungry when we got there, but we were so happy for the warm welcome the Eleosida family showed us.
Adobo turned Sinigang
One thing that I will miss about this the FOOD. Delicious food. The dish that you see in the picture above is actually adobo. But believe me, it doesn't look and taste like adobo. I was not able to take a closer shot of it because it's not my cam and I don't have a phone (with camera). My friends are debating that it's either kaldereta or menudo because it has potatoes and it tastes like there's tomato sauce. Clarisse is insisting that it's adobo so I just told them, "Para walang away, Sinigang yan, SINIGANG!" Hahaha. Anyway, the dish is really good so what it's called doesn't matter anymore.

Plans for summer!

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This year, I want my summer vacation to be hot, hot, fun under the sun. :)

Before, I get excited for summer because I can have long hours of sleep. But now, I am more excited to have less sleep, but more fun. My past summer vacations have always been way too boring to elaborate. For a change, I'll make myself busier than ever for two months.

First stop: Batangas
I will be in Batangas tomorrow until the next day. It's 1-4's official outing. Yehey! Hmm.. I should be sleeping by now because I have to wake up early tomorrow. Nah, I'm too excited to sleep! Haha.

Bangkok, Thailand (April 8-22)
This will be my 5th time to go to Thailand. I have relatives there and they invited me to come over. We are planning to see the elephants and some temples and a lot of shopping! Haha. I might  not update my blog during my 2-week stay, but I will post as soon as I get back. :)

April Fool's

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Hello everyone. Sorry I was not able to post for almost three weeks because I was really busy with school stuff. Now that the school year has officially ended, I will try to update my blog very often. I am actually planning to have a new blog. It might be this month or next month, so stay tuned. :)

Okay, so April's here, and today is April Fool's day. Time for pranks. I started the day by sending this message to my friends:

" I have good news, guys.

May boyfriend na ko.

At the end of the message, I said "April Fool's". But apparently I was not too convincing. Maybe because it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to have a boyfriend at the moment. LOL.

I thought this day would not be very good but I am so happy that April 1 didn't fool me. Haha. After attending mass, I told my mom that we have an outing in Batangas. At first she doesn't want me to come but thanks to my friends for helping me convince my mom. So there, it made my whole day happy!

Hope you guys are happy too! Enjoy the summer! :)