I hate viruses

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For the past few years, the internet has been very useful to everyone in fields like business, academics and even politics. As years go by, technology becomes advance and unfortunately virus-makers even manage to keep pace.

As a daily internet user, one problem I cannot avoid is the virus. Even though I have several antimalware programs installed in my computer, viruses are still found when I scan my drives. I think the reason for this is that I visit a lot of sites and sometimes I am unaware that the site is unprotected. Another thing that bothers me is the spam messages that keeps crawling my spam folder. Right now I'm thinking of having an email server security so I can protect my account from those spammers. I think everyone has to do this because there are sensitive information in our email accounts that need to be secured.

I am also planning to make my internet connection wireless because it is more comfortable when using my laptop. When I buy my wireless router I need to be sure there is a network security software to make my connection secured from threats coming from outside the network.

It is very important that we protect our computers from hackers and malwares. If government offices and private companies are being hacked, it is not impossible we can be victims too.