As a college student, it is normal to feel so stressed about homeworks, reports, group projects, paper works and dreadful exams. Aside from those strenuous demands, my other dilemma is the financial aspect of studying. The continuous increase of tuition fees and requirements like drawing materials, laboratory manuals and textbooks are just some of my burdens.

One way to minimize the expenses at school is to buy cheap college textbooks. I remember when I was in first year, we need the full-colored Chemistry book and it costs around 1,400 PhP. Good thing our school gave us few discounts because when you buy outside it will cost even more. This school year, we need the 3-inch thick Physics book that costs almost 800 PhP. I had a little problem because my allowance is not enough to buy the books for all 8 subjects. Me and my friends came up with an idea to sell our previous textbooks, including the Chemistry book to those who need used college textbooks and luckily we found some students and we sold it for 800 PhP. Of course I used the money to buy the Physics book. First problem solved! Next thing I did was to find cheap textbooks at Recto because there they sell textbooks at a lower price. If I can't find the book that I need, my last resort is to borrow from my friends. I just photocopy the pages we need because it costs much cheaper than buying the book.

Being thrifty is an advantage. Not only that I get to save more, but I also help my family from the expenses.