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December 17, 2010. UST Grounds. My third Paskuhan.

Paskuhan 2010 was good, but not better than last year. I was a bit disappointed with the delays and those corny, unnecessary but frequent interviews. I still had fun though, fireworks FTW.

It was quite boring, I'll admit. Comparing it to last year's celebration, this one's like a very ordinary occasion, nothing special. They invited only three celebrity guests, namely, Shalala, IC Mendoza and Sarah Geronimo. We were actually expecting a lot more because there were so many guests last year. The UST Yellow Jackets were also missing in action. A video performance of the UST Singers was also shown, but it would have been better if they performed live. Those interviews from the Main Bldg. were corny and unnecessary, really.

The good thing is.. the astounding, amazing, superb 11-minute fireworks display! Well, that's the only thing we're waiting for. The only bad thing about it is when Pupil started playing during the fireworks display. I felt really bad for the band because the people were not paying attention to them. After the fireworks, Ely and the band rocked the whole UST as if nothing happened. Cheers for Pupil, and also to Kamikazee for lifting our spirits up during the dull moments.

Sorry for ranting. I was just disappointed. I hope next year they would make up for this. We have a lot of expectations for Paskuhan 2011 because it's our 400th anniversary!


  1. Anonymous // December 25, 2010 at 10:17 AM  

    YJ was there. They performed at the start of the program. Pupil was disappointing.They suck.

  2. klomster // December 28, 2010 at 6:31 PM  

    Maybe they performed before I came. haha. anyways, thanks for the correction. :)