First blog post :]]]

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Wow, my first ever 'serious' blog entry. Congratulate me. :))

I never imagined myself getting hooked into blogging. I was never a good writer, simply because I am not confident with my english skills and I lack artistry for writing. Oh, and by the way, I was a news writer in High School. News, not literary nor creative writing.

Okay, so much for the excuses. Actually I have a Multiply site, and I have a few blog posts, about five I think. Most of them are just for the sake of posting something on my blank page. To cut the long story short, I really have no interest for this! :c

But that was before. Now, I am convincing myself that I have a hidden talent. I realized that I have to enhance and practice my writing skills when my present English Professor gave me a 'star' (a perfect score) on my first descriptive essay. Cool, someone appreciated my work! :) She is also the inspiration behind my blog title. I got the idea when she told me, "It's your time to shine." So I would like to thank my prof. for that shining star she gave me. I hope she can read this and I hope she would give me a good final grade. hahaha ;p

So that's it for my first post. I hope you would find time to read my future entries. And please don't expect too much from a first-time blogger. I myself do not expect a lot from this hidden talent. :)

Thanks for reading! Goodnight and God bless.