The Day After Tomorrow

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Typhoon flood Philippines
Typhoon flood Philippines
Typhoon flood PhilippinesThese are some of the pictures showing what "Ondoy" did to Metro Manila. (photos taken from and
I remembered the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" when I watched the news. As of this afternoon, 75 persons were already killed and over 300,000 fatalities were brought out by this tragedy. According to National Disaster Coordination Council, this is the worst typhoon for the last century. Aside from Metro Manila, other provinces such as Rizal, Pampanga and Bulacan were also devastated by this flood. As of the moment there are still people missing.

According to the DepEd, ChEd and Pag-Asa, there would be no classes until Tuesday in all affected areas because there will still be heavy rains in the coming days.

I pray this would be the last time. I hope this experience would be a lesson to us. Let's stop illegal logging and global warming. Prevention is always better than cure, right?