Christmas Wish List part 2

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Hello! I'm back! It's been 2 weeks since my last post. I was too lazy to post a new entry or even check my blog because of the start of classes. I'm in the afternoon class now and I also have an evening class. It really caused a major shift on my lifestyle and my mood as well.

I decided to continue my wish list because it's just a month away before Christmas and I still have no funds to buy a present for myself. I hope this would reach the North Pole. ;p

I love music, just like everyone. I play some instruments, but I'm not good at all. Both of my parents are music majors, so it's a shame if I can't even play do-re-mi. I listen to my favorite music through my computer, my cellphone or my iPod shuffle. My purple iPod shuffle was given to me as a graduation gift. Now I want a new gift, the new iPod Nano with video!

purple ipod nano with video
When I first saw it, i was like.. "wow".  The purple one looks great. It was love at first sight. :)) What makes it different from the first Nano is its new look, with a bigger screen and the "polished anodized aluminum finish" and of course, the video camera. The 8GB is $149 in the apple store. Pretty expensive. Besides other features like FM radio and video effects, you can also put your engravings on it for free, just like what I did on the picture. :)
Hmm.. I think I can't afford it. And if ever I have that amount, I might just add a few more bucks for the iPod Touch which is $199. Maybe if I won the lottery I'll buy both! :))