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Yesterday I had to wake up 4:30 am for the UST UnendinGRace. It is still dark when we arrived at UST but you can already see the enthusiasm on every student at the grandstand. Before the run we had to warm up and do some aerobics. We were supposed to be in the 2k race but we ran out of slots so we have no choice but to be on the Walk event. It was a bit boring to be briskwalking while others are running at the 2k and 5k events.

After all the race events, a short program and awarding ceremony were held. Since ABS-CBN and UST are partners for this event, there were few celebrities who happened to be Thomasians as well. They were Nikki Valdez, Manuel Chua from Fear Factor and RJ Jimenez.

The best part of the day is when we played 10-20 (I always bring garter so we can play during free time) and patintero. The last time I played patintero was like a decade ago and I'm not really good at that game until now. It's very fun to play Philippine games most especially when you play it with your dearest friends. This is one the few moments that I will never forget because we had the chance to get together again.