Plans for summer!

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This year, I want my summer vacation to be hot, hot, fun under the sun. :)

Before, I get excited for summer because I can have long hours of sleep. But now, I am more excited to have less sleep, but more fun. My past summer vacations have always been way too boring to elaborate. For a change, I'll make myself busier than ever for two months.

First stop: Batangas
I will be in Batangas tomorrow until the next day. It's 1-4's official outing. Yehey! Hmm.. I should be sleeping by now because I have to wake up early tomorrow. Nah, I'm too excited to sleep! Haha.

Bangkok, Thailand (April 8-22)
This will be my 5th time to go to Thailand. I have relatives there and they invited me to come over. We are planning to see the elephants and some temples and a lot of shopping! Haha. I might  not update my blog during my 2-week stay, but I will post as soon as I get back. :)

More Soundtrips. :)
I am planning to practice my piano and guitar skills whenever I'm free, so please send your song requests! Haha. Who knows, I might be the next youtube star after I show my covers to the public. LOL. :))

Extreme Sports
This is what I would like to try even before: ziplining, paragliding, paint-ball and other extremes! There's also a hotel here in Manila that has a "rollercoaster-like" chair on top that moves so you can see the whole city from hundreds of feet above. But I don't know where exactly it is, so please tell me if you know! :)

Tutorial Services
Calculus and Physics are in my planner even this summer. I will extend my help to my friends who are taking summer classes. Only 200PhP per hour! Haha. Just kidding!

Of course, the usual malling and other hang-outs with friends will always be in my plan. I will also concentrate on my "money-making schemes" and my new blog that will be launched on May. Stay tuned! :)

This will be the best summer ever!


  1. Sendzki // April 5, 2010 at 9:19 AM  

    woah..nice..inggit ako sa thailand moha..but seems like we've got some things in common...

    i'll be improving my guitar skills and level up my novicehood in piano!at tingin ko pareho tayong kikita sa pagtututor...pero talino mo ah calculus at physics ..woah! ^_^

  2. Anonymous // April 9, 2010 at 10:52 PM  

    you forgot to mention my birthday. 23rd. :|

  3. news-car-blog // April 16, 2010 at 7:59 PM  

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