Ibaan, Batangas
April 5-6
Late post? IKR.

Swimming. Food. Chitchats. Laughter. Friends. FUN. What a good way to start summer. :)

Trivia: This is actually 1-4's second time to visit Batangas. The first is when Flutz had her 18th birthday in San Juan. This time we went to Ibaan, at Clarisse's hacienda. haha. :)

Our meeting place is in Cubao, where we did a little grocery-shopping while we wait for the van. The roadtrip lasted for almost three hours. We were tired and hungry when we got there, but we were so happy for the warm welcome the Eleosida family showed us.
Adobo turned Sinigang
One thing that I will miss about this trip..is the FOOD. Delicious food. The dish that you see in the picture above is actually adobo. But believe me, it doesn't look and taste like adobo. I was not able to take a closer shot of it because it's not my cam and I don't have a phone (with camera). My friends are debating that it's either kaldereta or menudo because it has potatoes and it tastes like there's tomato sauce. Clarisse is insisting that it's adobo so I just told them, "Para walang away, Sinigang yan, SINIGANG!" Hahaha. Anyway, the dish is really good so what it's called doesn't matter anymore.

We went to a resort a few blocks away from Clarisse's place. It has a few cottages and a pool big enough for everyone. I was one of the few who waited for the sun to come down before going to the pool. I am preserving my skin color, you know. I even applied sun block. Haha. :)

We all had a lot of fun in the water. As for me, I enjoyed even if I'm not a good swimmer. I enjoyed our chikahan and bonding moments.

Tree house
This is where we had our 'exchange letters', but only Raffy, Lala and Gieh were prepared! Even Kim, the one who suggested didn't make one. Hahaha. We took a lot of pictures inside the tree house. From there you can see a good view of Hacienda Eleosida. :)
Concert @ Ibaan
1-4 loves to sing! We often go to G-box or the 'small box' in Timezone whether there's an occasion or just an ordinary day. It's already late at night when we started the karaoke at Clarisse's house. I'm sure everyone's irritated with our singing!
That's Raffy, wearing our 1-4 shirt (designed by yours truly, ehem.). He looks really weird after singing hundreds of Backstreet boys songs and drinking The Bar. :))

Mango trees!
We went to the Eleosida's manggahan and babuyan next morning. We all had to take home Carabao ang Indian mangoes! :)
(With Flutz, Kevin, Moshi and Gieh..and the mangoes)
Looks like Grash is too excited to consume those mangoes!

Batangas Escapade is one of the most memorable bonding moments of our barkada. I wish this would not be the last time and more outings to come! And I hope next time everyone would come.

Clarisse Arcaina and the Eleosida family
Kimberly Bayhon and Kevin Revilloza for the photos


  1. Faye T // April 27, 2010 at 2:37 AM  

    Love the color of Kheeme's swimsuit! 8D

  2. Sendo // April 27, 2010 at 6:05 PM  

    whew...ang saya saya ah...summer bonding with friends! nagbalik ka na rin sa wakas..sige post ba hehe ^^

  3. Faye T // May 4, 2011 at 2:34 PM  

    Love the color of Kheeme's swimsuit! 8D