A Very Busy Start

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It's been two weeks since my last post. Studies and extra-curricular activities made me really busy during that two-week period. Now that I am a third year majoring student, I am expecting that things would get really harder each day, giving me less time to do the things I love, such as blogging. But I will do my best to update my blog whenever I have free time so somehow I could still be connected to my blogger friends. :)

For this blog post I would like to share the things that made me really busy. First, STUDIES. This semester, I have 25 units, composed of Math, Computer and Physics-related subjects.Of course, numbers and computations will always be in an Engineering student's curriculum. But the subject that made me unexpectedly busy is not even related to what I'm taking.. ETAR or Economics, Taxation and Agrarian Reform.

Even though Electronics and Communication Engineering is not directly connected to Economics, I know that this subject would be helpful to all students because we will learn how to compute our income taxes and we will have more knowledge about our country's economic condition. However, I'm having so much of this subject. In fact, sometimes I feel like I'm an Economics major! The reason for this is that our Eco professor is so demanding than other profs. On our first meeting, he gave us an assignment-- a Presidential speech. He wants us to write a speech, as if we are the new President, Noynoy Aquino, speaking in front of his delegates about the country's economic condition. Okaaay. That was hard. What I did was to skim the two previous SONA of PGMA and study Noy's platforms. That way I might have a better perspective on the presidency. The final output was better than I expected. I think I did a pretty good job on my speech because it was brief and direct to the point. And the best thing about it.. I was not called to read my speech! Whew! Our papers are not yet returned so I still don't know my grade yet. Last week, we had to think of a product that will boost the economy of the country assigned to our group, which is Germany. But our group was not called to present because of the lack of time. I guess I'm just really lucky! :)

Before the summer vacation, my friend asked me if I want to be an officer of a new organization in our faculty. I decided to grab the opportunity because I really want to be an active member of organizations just to spice up my boring college life. So there, I became the Internal Vice President of UST ROTARACT Club- Engineering Unit. Maybe some of you have heard of this organization already, because it's an international organization. Rotaract is affiliated with Rotary International. We aim to give community service, leadership training and professional development. During the first two weeks of the school year, we had to make a booth for the Recruitment 101. We spent the days before school started designing the panel board and brainstorming on "organizational gimmick" to get the attention of students. After so many days of designing the booth, we came up with this:

We were all happy with the outcome. Students were also enticed with our freebies so we recruited more members than expected. I really hope that our proposed activities for the year would all be successful.

So there. I think this blog entry is long enough. I'm not sure when I will post again. But for those who want to 'stalk' me, kindly follow me on Twitter @klomster! I update every now and then so please follow me and I'll follow you too! =D

See you on my next post. Take care! :)


  1. Jhiegzh // June 28, 2010 at 8:22 PM  
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  2. Jhiegzh // June 28, 2010 at 8:31 PM  

    Woaah, Claum all the things you have shared here let me reminisce my college life..Urgggh!...WEll, in my part I study hard but PARTY harder..LOLs, joking! Indeed, you really need to prioritize first your studies!

    About Economics, so boring subject here yet the quizzes need a lot memorization! Urggz, not related with my course but somehow needs "attention" para di ma fail! pero n the end not boasting I got the highest grade of Economics among my classmates! 92 I think! =)

    About ROTARACT, yes very familiar club indeed! Its an achievement being an officer CLaum, keep it up! In my college years, woaah, a lot of opportunities yet myself dont want too! I just dont know why! Maybe I just lazy "sometimes"

    To you Claum , my friend? YEah! God Bless in your studies, but pretty soon, I will proceed ECE as well...

  3. klomster // June 28, 2010 at 11:32 PM  

    I study hard, but I always make sure that I'm having fun! I really hope that I survive Economics this sem. Thanks for the comment, Jhiegz! Good luck on your endeavors! :)

  4. Jhiegzh // June 29, 2010 at 1:55 PM  

    @Claum: Its been nice knowing you here. Superb! ^^ Kaya yan ah! Weeee...