The Royal Wedding was definitely ROYAL! It was seen all over the world, covered by every channel.

We watched the live coverage of Prince William and Kate Middleton's (now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) wedding, from the preparation to the wedding ceremony. Monarchs of different places witnessed the ceremony. The British people were celebrating, and so is the whole world. It was definitely the wedding of the century.

Kate Middleton was stunning on her long sleeve laced gown and tiara. I heard she did her own make-up. Amazing! Her wedding dress was made by Sarah Burton. Prince William saw the dress for the first time when Kate walked on the aisle of Westminster Abbey.

royal wedding kate william

The wedding ceremony was almost the same as those held by ordinary catholic people, although their religion is The Church of England.

The newlyweds proceeded to the Buckingham Palace for the traditional first public kiss at the balcony.
royal wedding kate william kiss

..and they lived happily ever after (hopefully!)

I wasn't really paying attention to every frame of the live coverage, like what everyone in our house did. I didn't even see Mr. Bean on TV! haha. But I saw Elton John, David and Victoria Beckham, the camera love them. Besides the bride and groom, two people also caught everyone's attention for their choice of headdress:
royal wedding eugenie beatrice

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice were EPIC! Who among them has the weirder look? I bet Princess Beatrice for the what-the-hell-is-that thing on her head!

And of course, who would forget Queen Elizabeth's yellow dress. Raise your hand if the first person you remember when you her was Cory Aquino!
royal wedding kate william elizabeth

My mom and my aunts seem to be Princess Diana fanatics. They all agree that Kate is beautiful, but Diana is  still the most beautiful princess for them. But who cares anyway? They're both pretty princesses!

Do you know that Kate Middleton is the first commoner to marry a prince? She may not have royal blood, but she came from a wealthy family. And she has the qualities of a woman that every man would dream of. No wonder Prince William fell in love with her!

If a prince could marry a commoner, then it seems like fairy tales do come true! I'm pretty sure we all grew up watching Disney films and there's a point in our lives that we've dreamt of being a princess. So to all the women out there who wants to be the next Kate, I have good news for you..
royal wedding kate william


Honestly, I find Prince Harry cuter. William's receding hairline is a major turn off. Prince William looks like PNoy on top view! haha. But personally, I'm not really into royal bloods.. All I want is Harry... Harry Potter!

British men, oh well.