It's been almost two months since I've last seen my classmates and I really miss them.

I remember during those busy days of project-making, when we have to stay in my house to finish etching, drilling and soldering our circuit. PCB etching is such a long and tedious process and it involves a lot of waiting. While waiting, my groupmates and I play Pusoy Dos in our garage and I have to admit, we got addicted to it.

Monopoly is one of the games in Casino Adelina
Even those from the other groups come by my house to finish the project join the Pusoy Dos fun. It happens almost everyday that's why our garage was named "Casino Adelina" (based on our street's name). The casino was also extended in our classrooms (I hope my profs aren't reading this). We form groups and sit on the floor during breaks or when the prof is absent.

A few days ago, I went to Duty Free with my mom and tita. We finished shopping early so my tita decided to spend some time in PAGCOR before we go home.

It was my first time inside a real casino. It wasn't like those I've seen on the movies. It was quiet and full of not-so-young people, not like what I imagined it to be--poker tables, men on suits, noisy and some entertainers like those in Vegas.

Slot machines are everywhere. There are few other games as well like roulette, video poker, and a card game that I'm not very much aware of (I think it's Three card poker, not sure). I was looking for the Texas Hold'em table, but I was unable to spot it.

My tita was very much concentrated on slot machines but she wasn't really lucky that day. My mom and I were just watching. I didn't understand the slot machine at first, but I learned that it was just pure luck, no skills required. We didn't want to play because we might lose our money in the end. We just enjoyed the free drinks everywhere. I had one cup of coffee, two glasses of orange juice and one Coke.

I enjoyed my first time casino experience. I really am into card games, but just playing, not gambling. It's better to stay safe than risk your money then end up penniless.