Wooo! I finally got the chance to share my adventure in Thailand. I've been a bit busy with some stuff lately.

It's my fifth time in Thailand but it's my first time to travel alone. Not alone in the plane, of course. My last visit was 4 years ago. I have a few relatives there so we always have a place to stay when we go there. Thailand is a beautiful country. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is a very developed city. The Thais look exactly the same as Filipinos. In fact it's normal for me to be mistaken as a Thai.

Okay. I'll start with the super exciting elephant ride.

Kanchanaburi, Thailand-- 3 hour-ride from Bangkok. We left the house very early because we have a long day to go...

Elephants are famous in Thailand. If you want to ride an elephant, Kanchanaburi is the best place to be. The ride costs about 300 pesos and it's worth it because the ride is very exciting.

Also in Kanchanaburi is the Tiger Temple. It's a temple with tigers, obviously. :))

I was lucky to be the only one to have a picture with this cute leopard cat! :)

At first we thought it was a new-born tiger. It jumped into my back when I approached it! The leopard cat ran away after I took my photos so the others didn't get the chance to touch it. Lucky! :)

Then we went to the bridge over River Kwai. The bridge is actually a railroad built by the prisoners during WWII.
(with my cousin, while at the train):
We went to 3 tourist destinations in one very tiring but fun day. On our way back home, we encountered some red-shirt protesters, those who oppose the current administration. They were all over the main roads. Military men were present as well. It took us almost an hour to pass and find another exit. Then late in that evening, we heard the news reporting a lot of people dead in that chaos. It was a relief that we got home safe and we didn't see the violent shooting that happened there.

..to be continued..


  1. Jhiegzh // May 9, 2010 at 2:56 PM  

    Wow love to be there sooN! Haven't experience to go abroad! ^^