Have you ever tried online shopping?

From cellphones, clothes, shoes and food..almost anything can now be bought online. Because of online shops like eBay, Sulit.ph and Multiply, people can now buy anything they want in just a click, instead of driving to the stores. As for me, I still prefer the usual shopping. I like it when I can actually see and touch the things I want to buy. But sometimes I browse online shops to 'canvas'. I get some ideas on designs and the prices that I should expect.

I started "online money-making" almost a year ago and I can say that it's a really good part-time job because I earned a few bucks from it. Instead of withdrawing my earnings, I thought I should give online shopping a try. So last week, I bought something on eBay. The seller is from Taiwan so I'm expecting the package to arrive here in more or less 5 days. It's been 7 days already and I haven't received it yet. I don't know the exact reason why it's taking so long. I'm even having thoughts that I'm scammed, but hopefully I'm not. What do you think? Hmm.. That's what you get for online shopping, you can not be very sure if the seller is really worth your trust. Well, I contacted the seller and he said that my item is already shipped. Before I bought the item I read the buyers' feedbacks and saw that he has sold more than 3 thousand items. eBay has also rated him as "Powerseller" so there's a low possibility that he is a scammer.

I'll show you the item when I receive it. :) I hope it arrives this weekend so I can use it next week. So, what do you think of online shopping? Is it worth the risk

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