Today marks exactly one year and four days since my first blog post. I was not able to create this blog entry last September 15 due to my busy schedule. However, it's better late than never! Haha.

After a year, my blog has already reached a total of 6,350 page views from 72 different countries. (Half of it came from me though. hehe) I have gained 85 followers and reached a page rank of 2.

My blog statistics may not be as good as other new blogs out there, but I'm still thankful that I have somehow built a network of friends through this blog.
Actually, I've been blogging since high school. I made a website long years ago. So long that I can't even remember its url and what it's all about. Last year, I decided to make this personal blog because I was inspired by those bloggers who make money through blogging.

Last year my goal is to get my adsense payment before my blog turns one year old. But I failed to do so. :( Other blogs hold contests to their loyal visitors for their blog's anniversary. I was also planning to do that, but I can't because I'm broke. :( Maybe next year, if I reached the cashout threshold for my adsense. So if you want to join my contest and win exciting prizes, what are you waiting for? Click my google ads now! HAHAHA. :P

I hope I would be more a more active blogger so that my blog would have many more years to come. Congratulations to me! :)