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It's been a long time since I visited my blogs. I had a super busy and hectic week AGAIN. I'm actually getting used to hell weeks hell sem already. I guess that's normal for a majoring student like me. However, it's Friday!! So TGIF! :)

I really had a very fun day. After an 'examful' week (we called it semi-finals because next week is our finals week), today we were given a chance to relax and enjoy even just for a short time. :D

Our class adviser celebrated his birthday two weeks ago. We prepared a surprise for him but sadly he was absent because he had dengue. Now that he's recuperated, he treated us for merienda! After class we went straight to a vacant room and he arrived with 3 big boxes of Tokyo Tokyo Bento! The class ate together, we shared stories and laugh at each other. It was fun. Thank you Sir! Sa uulitin. :))

I went home tired but very full. haha. Then my favorite part of the day... I slept for like 2 hours! Yehey! At least I recovered some sleeping time that was deprived from me for the past weeks.

Now, to continue my enjoyment. I decided to play Pokemon! Yeah, Pokemon Crystal in Gameboy. But I don't have a Gameboy but I found a virtual GBA so I can play it in PC. I was just looking for some games as a stress-reliver and I got tired of the usual games that I play so I'll try the games during my grade school years. Reminiscing! haha.

BTW, does anyone of you know how to play Pokemon games on PSP? It's uncomfortable to play it in front of the monitor. So please help me! :)

If I got bored on playing, I will watch One More Chance! I downloaded it a few weeks ago. I think I'm the only one in the world who hasn't watched the movie yet. Loser me.

And tomorrow, back to normal. STUDY again. Wish me luck on my final exams! :)

"My school was so tough that the school newspaper had an obituary section."
--Norm Crosby