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I am more of a reader than a writer. I like novels, particularly sci-fi, mystery and suspense. The first book I finished reading (besides my ABC book) is Harry Potter. I love the Harry Potter series. My favorite is the 6th book, the Half-blood Prince. I've watched the movie of course, and it's very disappointing because I was expecting more. I hope they would give all their best in the last movie.

Some of the best books I've read so far include "Cradle & All" by James Patterson, "The Door to December" by Dean Koontz and Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons".

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
I went to National Bookstore last weekend and as I entered, I was welcomed by the latest work of Dan Brown, "The Lost Symbol". I was excited to read his new book because I've read all his novels except for "Deception Point". I like how Dan Brown's mind works. His ideas and imagination are incredible enough to shock me at the end of every novel.

Though I really want to read the book, I didn't think of buying it for it would cost me some of my savings and my mom would surely get mad because I still have unread books on my shelf. I was surfing the net at home when the idea came to my mind that I should try searching for an E-book. I thought there would be no E-book for a newly released book but I'm so glad I found one!
(Click Here to download The Lost Symbol) I have not started reading it yet because I am still busy but I plan to start it some time in the weekend.

Reading E-books on my desktops or laptop would be too inconvenient for me because I read wherever I want. My laptop is bulky for me to bring everywhere so I decided to transfer it on my PSP. The only problem is that I do not know if PDF files work on PSP. So consulted eHow.com and found this very useful article "How to Read PDF Files in PSP". You have to download the program so you can read your E-books. Now I can read every novel I want comfortably and at the same time I saved a lot of cash. :))

You can search for other E-books and everything is just a click away. If you've read a good novel that you think I might like, please tell me!

Ok, so I have to end this post here because I have a quiz on Physics on Saturday and I have to get my reading going. Til next post! :)


  1. Janmah // October 11, 2009 at 3:09 AM  

    was here dear, just do everything with a happy heart;) happy sunday!

  2. manik_reigun // October 12, 2009 at 12:52 AM  

    i am soo into ebooks nowadays (though im too busy to start the lost symbol argh)hehe

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    was here dear, just do everything with a happy heart;) happy sunday!